Facial paralysis is caused by injury, inflammation or absence of the facial nerve. Read more about the types of conditions associated with facial paralysis.

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Whether simple or complex, treatment options have come a long way in addressing facial paralysis. Treatment plans are individualized.

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Facial paralysis is a debilitating condition that can result in profound psychological distress as well as impairment of several protective functions of the face. Over the last 30 years, advances in the field have allowed for greater improvement in functional outcomes. We are now at an exciting time of innovation that promises to not only restore lost function, but to come closer and closer to "normal" facial aesthetics.

The Facial Paralysis Center is led by Dr. Andre Panossian, a board-certified plastic surgeon and expert in the treatment of facial nerve disorders. Whether congenital or acquired, facial paralysis is now a very treatable condition. Dr. Panossian’s experience and training in the field are among the elite in the world. He collaborates internationally with other recognized leaders in the field to push the envelope of innovation. He has performed facial reanimation surgeries in third world countries and continues to advocate on behalf of his patients for bringing awareness to this difficult problem.

The members of the Facial Paralysis Center are hand-picked by Dr. Panossian for their enthusiasm and high-end expertise in providing the best experience and outcomes.